​The deception 
Go on as you were 
There is nothing to see here 
"We know all the answers 
But we cannot share them with you" 
The deceit, the descent 
Deliberate oppression of the transcendental 
"Our agenda does not concern you!" 

We the good sheeple 
Victims of evil 
I don't want to say that it's all a trick 
but it's not what you think 

Imposed down upon us 
by those who claim to lead us 
This is old news 
This is the last turning point 
You're either with us or lost forever 

Don't be scared it's ok 
We all know that entropy is the only way 
Look at the bigger picture 
Violence, politics, overpopulation and climate change 
We can't be far from rock bottom 

We the good people can conquer evil 
It will never be easy 
It won't ever be easy